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What They Say…What We Say

“There appears two distinct classes, rich and poor, the oppressors and the oppressed, those that live by their own labor and those that live by the labor of others.”

– The Workingmen’s Political Association of Penn Township, Pennsylvannia, as reported in Mechanics’ Free Press, June 5, 1830

“For many decades Communists were the only political group in South Africa who were prepared to treat Africans as human beings and their equals; who were prepared to eat with us; talk with us, live with us, and work with us.  They were the only political group which was prepared to work with the Africans for attainment of political rights and a stake in society.  Because of this, there are many Africans who, today, tend to equate freedom with communism.”

– Nelson Mandela

“There isn’t a country that spits out as much moralistic, lofty, idealistic, sanctimonious rubbish as the United States.”

– Vladimir Mayakovsky, My discovery of America

“The middle class is disappearing and there’s a highway into poverty and not even a sidewalk to get out. “

– Suze Orman, host, America’s Money Class with Suze Orman

“If what we’ve watched here is democracy, it ain’t much”

– Chris Matthews, Hardball, commenting on the Iowa Caucus

“Capitalism is a lot like surgery, it’s necessary, but you don’t want to look at it up close”

– George Will, ABC’s This Week

“No elective institution or representative assembly can be can be regarded as being truly democratic and really representative of the people’s will unless the electors’ right to recall those elected is accepted and exercised. This is a fundamental principle of true democracy…” 

 – V.I. Lenin, Collected Works, Vol. 26,

“I am for you because you have held fast to the three elements of human liberty – free speech, a free press and freedom of assemblage. You understand that to sweep away the rights of the people by legislation and force is not progress, it is not justice but is decadence.”

– Helen Keller to Sen. Robert LaFollette

“Nearly every industry festers with occupational diseases, and these reap a harvest of suffering and death among the workers.I have seen much of workers being ruthlessly ruined in health for the sake of employers’ profits”

– William Z. Foster, Pages from a Workers Life

Karl Marx on Democracy

“Democracy is the road to socialism.”


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