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Hello and welcome to the official website of the Communist Party of Wisconsin.  We are excited to be launching this venture in 2013 and look forward to being your go-to site for information about the Communist Party USA in the great state of Wisconsin.

When we set out to create this website, we wanted to accomplish a few goals.  One being to offer our current Wisconsin club members a hub to easily access information about upcoming events, local struggles, and to connect each other in a more elegant way.  Our second goal was to simply get our name out there!  As our website grows and evolves, we hope to offer those curious about Communism and Socialism in the state of Wisconsin a perfect place to learn about the intricacies of the CPUSA.

While we have officially launched, the team here at would like to ask for your patience as we make changes around the website.  This is a living and breathing arm of our organization, so it will be frequently retooled in order to provide a better user experience.

Thank you for visiting!

Coming Soon: CP-Wisconsin Connect

One of the biggest hurdles for our club to overcome in a geographically-large state like Wisconsin is that often some of our members are far-flung and unable to be more active participants.  We’ve remedied this by offering frequent conference calls to discuss political matters with leaders within CPUSA and elsewhere.  Still though, there’s nothing like being able to meet with others face-to-face and build unity with the other members of CPUSA.

The newly-launched is only the first stage in a planned expansion of our online presence – the next being the personally anticipated CP-Wisconsin Connect.  We like to describe Connect as a “meeting place” for all of our current members – an easy-to-navigate forum that encourages discussion and action.  This new free-to-use service will be available to CPUSA members only and allows us to expand on dialogues started at our club meetings in Madison and Milwaukee.

Down the road, we plan to implement both live video presentations of club meetings as well as an entirely online-conducted meeting for those who are unable to make it to either the Madison or Milwaukee dates.

We are aiming to have CP-Wisconsin Connect’s forums up and running by the beginning of April 2013.  The online video meetings are slated to begin by Summer of this year, so please stay tuned to for further updates.

Coming Soon: CP-Wisconsin University

With the launch of, we’ve made it our mission at the Communist Party of Wisconsin to keep innovating for our members and engaging those unfamiliar with CPUSA.  Coming soon, one of these new methods of interaction will be CP-Wisconsin University – an online, free-to-use resource for those seeking more in-depth information about topics like Marxism and Communism.

Our aim with CP-Wisconsin University is to provide interested parties with extensive, researched courses on subjects related to the cause of CPUSA.  Each course will consist of several modules with interactive elements – videos, audio clips, text – as well as quizzes to spot-check your knowledge.  CP-Wisconsin University strives to be a excellent reference tool for those interested or currently studying Marxism and the history of the Communist movement.  Other shorter courses will cover broader political, economic, and social causes.

CP-Wisconsin University will let you to track your experience throughout the courses you enroll in, logging your quiz scores, and allowing you to save your progress at any time.

Our goal is to have CP-Wisconsin University launched by the end of April 2013.  Please check back at for more information during our lead up to launching this fantastic service.


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