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The Roggensack Rule

A CPWisconsin club member, Michael Synowicz, has penned a fantastic opinion piece over at People’s World about Wisconsin’s “Citizens United”-equivalent ruling that is close to being adopted. ¬†Popularly known as the “Roggensack Rule”, named after Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Patience Roggensack, it would allow corporations to make campaign contributions to judges – even when they have pending litigation before the Wisconsin courts!

Now why in the world would I, CEO and chairman of ABC Corp., give a sitting judge up for re-election a whopping contribution? Is it because I am interested in justice? Perhaps it is my devotion and support of the democratic process. Forget the free speech dodge, that’s just a red herring trying to divert us from the real motive behind this act; only the most gullible would entertain any other reason than the fact that I want to use my financial clout to influence the outcome of my case. I am, in effect, bribing¬†the judge, and if Roggensack has her way, I am doing so legally.

Read more about this local campaign finance and justice issue over at People’s World.


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