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Building A Club Online Presentation

Communist Party of Wisconsin is running a workshop at the 30th National Communist Party Convention on how to effectively build your club online. Click below to access the PDF of the presentation, and be on the lookout for the full video of the presentation soon.

Download PDF Presentation

Some slides may be missing from this PDF that are present in the live presentation.

“Wadjda” Illustrates Oppression of Women

Our friend Jim Lane has profiled the film Wadjda over at People’s World. The inspiring and heartbreaking story of a young girl growing up in Saudi Arabia goes into limited release around the country this weekend, but Jim already has his thoughts on the film.

Everybody in the movie, and everything that happens, tells Wadjda to give up. Everything says that women’s oppression can’t be can’t be overcome whether in the extreme Saudi Arabian form or in the everyday discrimination we see at home.

Read the rest of Jim’s review at People’s World. Wadjda opens in Milwaukee on October 18 at the Downer Theatre.  Get your tickets here.

What Really Happened To Detroit?

This week, Communist Party USA Chairman Sam Webb penned an exploratory piece for People’s World about the situation in Detroit.  “Detroit: Through the lens of class and race” aims to combat some of the extreme lines of thinking prevailing in the media concerning Detroit’s terrible situation, and Webb offers some clear answers on why this occurred – and how it will continue to happen in other cities in the United States.  An important piece for anyone looking for answers in this distressing time, Webb outlines exactly how Detroit was put in this predicament and how the citizens have suffered greatly.  Webb pulls no punches in his analysis, leveling blame at the feet of auto executives, real estate brokers, and elected officials.

Blaming the crisis on its victims is designed to divert the eyes of the American people from the actual causes of the crisis and its agents. The former are located in the structures and dynamics of racialized capitalism, while the latter are the individuals and institutions who drive the crisis and also enrich themselves mightily from this system of class and racial exploitation and domination of the immense many by the minuscule few.

But he doesn’t just levy blame in his article – he offers a clear solution to help in the resurrection of this once-great city.

The near- and long-term struggles of the people of Detroit have to be connected to the energies of like-minded people in nearby suburbs and around the country who also aspire to radically restructure the politics, economics, culture, and racial relations of their city, region, state, and country.

Webb’s piece can be found here.  It is an essential read.

Who Are You? Take The Worker’s Political Quiz Today!

You’ve seen them before – political profile quizzes. Are you a Republican or Democrat? Are you Left or Right? We’ve taken them, and honestly, they are a bit underwhelming if not wholly confusing. Thanks for the chart guys, but what other likeminded figures agree with my beliefs? Why isn’t there an easy quiz that takes little time and cuts right to the chase?

Well, we went ahead and made that for you: The Worker’s Political Quiz. Our ten question quiz is fast and you get instant results. Find out where you fall on the political spectrum either through our instant reporting or our more in-depth email results.

Are you a Progressive?  Perhaps you’re on the other end of the scale as a Reactionary, but who are contemporary and historical figures that fall in that same class?  Find out today by quickly taking the Worker’s Political Quiz.


CPWisconsin Conference Calls Are Popular

Recently, CPWisconsin hosted a conference call with Jarvis Tyner, Executive Vice Chair for CPUSA, that was open to our members and other interested parties.  The call was immensely informative and Jarvis provided listeners with a clear vision of current struggles, both nationally and in the state of Wisconsin.

Our conference calls in Wisconsin are a great way for members and non-members alike to interact with CPUSA figures, and we’ve always encouraged those from varying viewpoints to listen in.  Typically, though, we rarely see recordings of our calls end up on right-leaning websites.

On March 4th, EAGNews.org published a short article by Editor Kyle Olson highlighting a small section of Jarvis Tyner speaking on the Wisconsin conference call.  Olson doesn’t go into too much detail about the rest of the call, nor does he provide any real commentary about the call, but his short piece was picked up by Townhall last week.

Olson, a follower of ours on Twitter, heads up the news arm of the Education Action Group Foundation which is based out of Michigan.  Their “About Us” describes the organization as “a non-partisan non-profit organization with the goal of promoting sensible education reform and exposing those with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo,” which sounds fairly non-partisan to me.  In addition to his work for EAG, he’s also the author of “Indoctrination: How ‘Useful Idiots’ Are Using Our Schools to Subvert American Exceptionalism”, which has garnered customer reviews on Amazon that range from “must read” to “nothing but extreme right-wing propaganda”.  Nobody said having strong opinions would be easy.

Read Kyle Olson’s quick article over at Townhall.  I apologize for directing our readers to a site with an immediate popup trying to sell “Obama’s Four Horseman” – Townhall’s got to pay the bills somehow.  Don’t forget to read the comments at the end of the article to get a clear understanding of the audience.

While the link to the audio of the call errors out on Townhall’s site, it can be found over at EAGNews.  We’ve also embedded the clip below.

The Roggensack Rule

A CPWisconsin club member, Michael Synowicz, has penned a fantastic opinion piece over at People’s World about Wisconsin’s “Citizens United”-equivalent ruling that is close to being adopted.  Popularly known as the “Roggensack Rule”, named after Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Patience Roggensack, it would allow corporations to make campaign contributions to judges – even when they have pending litigation before the Wisconsin courts!

Now why in the world would I, CEO and chairman of ABC Corp., give a sitting judge up for re-election a whopping contribution? Is it because I am interested in justice? Perhaps it is my devotion and support of the democratic process. Forget the free speech dodge, that’s just a red herring trying to divert us from the real motive behind this act; only the most gullible would entertain any other reason than the fact that I want to use my financial clout to influence the outcome of my case. I am, in effect, bribing the judge, and if Roggensack has her way, I am doing so legally.

Read more about this local campaign finance and justice issue over at People’s World.

CPWisconsin.org Launch

Hello and welcome to the official website of the Communist Party of Wisconsin.  We are excited to be launching this venture in 2013 and look forward to being your go-to site for information about the Communist Party USA in the great state of Wisconsin.

When we set out to create this website, we wanted to accomplish a few goals.  One being to offer our current Wisconsin club members a hub to easily access information about upcoming events, local struggles, and to connect each other in a more elegant way.  Our second goal was to simply get our name out there!  As our website grows and evolves, we hope to offer those curious about Communism and Socialism in the state of Wisconsin a perfect place to learn about the intricacies of the CPUSA.

While we have officially launched, the team here at CPWisconsin.org would like to ask for your patience as we make changes around the website.  This is a living and breathing arm of our organization, so it will be frequently retooled in order to provide a better user experience.

Thank you for visiting CPWisconsin.org!

Coming Soon: CP-Wisconsin Connect

One of the biggest hurdles for our club to overcome in a geographically-large state like Wisconsin is that often some of our members are far-flung and unable to be more active participants.  We’ve remedied this by offering frequent conference calls to discuss political matters with leaders within CPUSA and elsewhere.  Still though, there’s nothing like being able to meet with others face-to-face and build unity with the other members of CPUSA.

The newly-launched CPWisconsin.org is only the first stage in a planned expansion of our online presence – the next being the personally anticipated CP-Wisconsin Connect.  We like to describe Connect as a “meeting place” for all of our current members – an easy-to-navigate forum that encourages discussion and action.  This new free-to-use service will be available to CPUSA members only and allows us to expand on dialogues started at our club meetings in Madison and Milwaukee.

Down the road, we plan to implement both live video presentations of club meetings as well as an entirely online-conducted meeting for those who are unable to make it to either the Madison or Milwaukee dates.

We are aiming to have CP-Wisconsin Connect’s forums up and running by the beginning of April 2013.  The online video meetings are slated to begin by Summer of this year, so please stay tuned to CPWisconsin.org for further updates.

CPUSA On The Airwaves

Late last year, CPUSA Chairman Sam Webb stopped by 92.1FM “The Mic” in Madison to talk about the Communist Party, our country’s need for Socialism, and a number of other topics on the “Books and Beats” radio program.  It is a fantastic introduction to party politics for newcomers and for those who have been here for a while, it is refreshing to see an interview concerning CPUSA begin without the tired question of “are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party of the United States?”  Anyway, the interview is just shy of thirty minutes, but definitely worth a listen.  For music lovers, Billy Bragg’s version of “The Internationale” is included towards the start of Part Two.

Part One of the Interview is embedded below, or travel to 92.1FM’s website.

Part Two of the Interview is embedded below, or travel to 92.1FM’s website.

Read more about Sam Webb and CPUSA’s radio interviews in Wisconsin last year over at People’s World.

Coming Soon: CP-Wisconsin University

With the launch of CPWisconsin.org, we’ve made it our mission at the Communist Party of Wisconsin to keep innovating for our members and engaging those unfamiliar with CPUSA.  Coming soon, one of these new methods of interaction will be CP-Wisconsin University – an online, free-to-use resource for those seeking more in-depth information about topics like Marxism and Communism.

Our aim with CP-Wisconsin University is to provide interested parties with extensive, researched courses on subjects related to the cause of CPUSA.  Each course will consist of several modules with interactive elements – videos, audio clips, text – as well as quizzes to spot-check your knowledge.  CP-Wisconsin University strives to be a excellent reference tool for those interested or currently studying Marxism and the history of the Communist movement.  Other shorter courses will cover broader political, economic, and social causes.

CP-Wisconsin University will let you to track your experience throughout the courses you enroll in, logging your quiz scores, and allowing you to save your progress at any time.

Our goal is to have CP-Wisconsin University launched by the end of April 2013.  Please check back at CPWisconsin.org for more information during our lead up to launching this fantastic service.

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