Review: “The Band’s Visit”

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From time to time, CPWisconsin likes to highlight culturally significant works that relate to both our cause and history.  Over at People’s World, writer Joseph Zimmermann reviews and analyzes The Band’s Visit, a 2007 Israeli film concerning the exploits of an Egyptian orchestral band stranded in a remote Israeli town.

The Band’s Visit is a gentle film from a part of the world so often associated with conflict and discord. The film is also an observant and honest portrayal of small town life, as well as the challenges our comfort level faces when confronted with both unfamiliar surroundings and unfamiliar people. In an amusing scene, one of the band members sits slurping soup in a tiny cafe. As he dines he notices that hanging near his head is a framed photograph of an Israeli tank at war. When no one is looking he hangs his hat on the wall to obscure it.

Read the full review at People’s World by clicking here.

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